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Billie Roberts

President of G CUBED Coaching

Billie Roberts is a loving wife, mother, daughter, friend, & certified life coach who loves to learn and help others apply bite-size life hacks designed to bring peace and lasting fulfillment to their souls.

Billie’s leadership approach is authentic, hands-on, open, and designed to achieve predictable and repeatable lasting change.

Before Billie became the President of G CUBED Fulillment Coaching, Billie experienced her own list of ups and downs, including financial struggle, illness, raising four children 3-years-old and under, batteling both depression & anxiety, and more. Billie understands that the struggle of life is real and desires to help others learn simple-to-apply strategies to elevate their lives and increase their awareness of the simple moments of joy that are all around us. The light in Billie’s eyes is indicative of the lessons she has learned and applied in her own life to become a woman whom many turn to to help them become their best selves.

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Billie was raised in many States, including; Colorado, Indiana, Ohio, California, & Utah. Billie loves Jesus, being with family and friends, creating art, garage sales, reading, researching, and serving through philanthropic efforts.

Billie desires to lift and inspire those looking to elevate their own fulfillment levels through targeted coaching on how to deploy the tools and strategies needed to fill their souls with gratitude, to progress, and to give freely without expectation.

Coaching Offerings

Free Consultation

Connect with Billie, or another one of our personal fulfillment coaches for a complementary one-hour consultation, no strings attached. This is an opportunity to connect remotely for a quick get-to-know-you and exploration to see if this is a fit for you!


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Fulfillment Coaching Package

Enjoy 15 (one-hour) remote coaching sessions with a G CUBED certified fulfillment coach. Get one-on-one, personalized assistance to help you effectively implement the G CUBED 7-Step Fulfillment Process in your own life. Don’t wait for something over the top to happen before you decide to change your life. Let us walk with you through the process of increasing your personal fulfillment level.


Cost: $2,795.00

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