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What is G CUBED?

About G Cubed

Become the best version of you by applying this simple personal fulfillment formula, G CUBED.

The path of personal development, happiness, and self-improvement begins with a choice.

Life either happens to you or happens for you. You can choose to accept your circumstances, or you can take full responsibility for your life and change your reality. Whichever you choose becomes your experience. But did you know it’s possible to hack your brain into changing its self-perception?

You have the power to successfully manifest your best life in the mist of the struggle.

Get ready to leverage your circumstances and mold your life into the future you’ve always dreamed of. A powerful self-help guide, G CUBED pairs entrepreneur and tech founder Lloyd Roberts’s real-life stories with a practical recipe for a personal fulfillment formula that will revitalize your potential, activate your success, and level up your entire world.

You’ll Learn:


How to reprogram your unconscious mind

And align it with your dreams, aspirations, and desired destinations.


A 7-step process to increase your levels of gratitude, growth, and giving

For lasting personal fulfillment.


Standard adjustment tools, supporting rituals, and other applied methods

That aid your G CUBED process.


Worksheets to calculate your current quantitative fulfillment level

Plus qualitative smart goals to quickly raise your personal fulfillment score.


The 21-day G CUBED challenge

To shock your subconscious out of old habits to reach a new level of personal fulfillment.

We are all ultimately defined by one thing: how we grow through what we go through. G CUBED will show you the actionable steps to level up your personal fulfillment, gain maximum personal power, and start living your true purpose.

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Lloyd Roberts

Lloyd Roberts is a husband, father, and entrepreneur who cofounded a tech unicorn, a company with a billion-dollar valuation. While nominated for multiple entrepreneur-focused awards, including the WIN100 and the Mountain West EY Entrepreneur of the Year, his passion for business has only been dwarfed by his excitement to share the formula to becoming truly fulfilled.

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